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How to Speak Womanese is intended to guide men through the emotional complexity of a woman's world. This book provides playful distinctions that will promote uncommon conversations and openings for what's possible in the untamed territory of woman to man communication.


Women and men alike have had very poor conditioning and modeling for creating and maintaining effective communication, which has led to many unfortunate cases of Connectile Dysfunction(TM). Based on the daily influx of media, it appears that modern society is more interested in the drama of unsuccessful relationships than the harmony of successful relationships. What are you looking for---drama or harmony?


Wouldn't it be nice if the communication between the sexes was simple, playful, and fun again? Surely that's a YES that just popped into your head, so what are you waiting for?

Let's begin your training in How to Speak Womanese.

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This review is from: How to Speak Womanese (Blue Cover) (Paperback) How To Speak Womanese offers comprehensive guidance for achieving the harmonious relationship with opposite sex that is straightforward and easy to follow. In short and fun chapters Jason Claiborne tackles topics that reveal simple truth about gender differences in underlying mechanism of relationships, answering perplexing questions like how to discover women through listening and how to be intimate.

In How To Speak Womanese, he explains how to optimize every aspect of male-female relationship: romantic, aesthetic, spiritual, financial and sexual. The author's approach centers on quality over quantity and clarity over complexity where "Open Communication" is the key term. He wrote his ideas down in such an entertaining way that makes book really enjoyable. This is an ideal gift book for both genders for almost every occasion - birthday, wedding, anniversary and valentine!
So, if you can change something about your relationship to make it more enjoyable, why don't go for it?


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